Sunday, August 3, 2008

Days 71 and 72: Picture Overload

The missing card reader has been, I will inundate this post with pictures to save my tired self from too much typing--hey, it's darn hot here!

Gracie and Sam in a rare moment of getting along

Eli and his friends are very excited about Eli turning 12!

The blowing out of 12 candles

Present time!

The girls have had enough of the boys...they formed their own team. Go girls!

Okay, moving on. The next pictures are of our little road trip to the Florissant Fossil Beds to dig up some fun.
Getting some instruction on fossil hunting

Eli chiseling away while Josh whines because he wants the hammer

Caleb deep in thought

Sam digging in!

Gracie and Daddy working as a team

Josh actually sat still in this same spot for almost an hour!

Sam looking through his magnifying glasses

Higgins, the guard dog

We've had a busy and eventful week...and another one coming up. And, ONE WEEK til school starts!!!!

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mums_hugs said...

oohh, I can just picture you dancing around (quietly and out of sight of the kids of course). One more week, hmmm, what have you got planned when they go back? Don't say cleaning up, there is more to life than housework!