Friday, August 22, 2008


Not that it really makes a difference to me when Friday rolls around...the weekend isn't much less busy for us. Granted, I love sleeping in past 6am,(I get to sleep until at least 6:15!) but with the weekend comes interrupted routines and mass chaos.

We've got 2 full weeks of school under our belts. Already! And already I have sick kids. Started with Caleb, then Sam, now Gracie. Just colds, nothing major thankfully. Hopefully, this isn't a sign of a tough year with sicknesses galore.

On a separate note, since I have to be a working (outside the home) Mom, how lucky am I to have landed a perfect job? It's nothing spectacular, but I LOVE it. My coworkers are great, (and how awesome to have my mom as a coworker too) my boss(es) are great as well. I feel lucky indeed.

I packed up a few boxes today. Mostly books, nicknacks and odds and ends. As excited as I am about moving, I felt a little sad while packing things up. We've lived in this house for almost 6 years. Gracie and Sam have never lived anywhere else. We have history in the walls here. Not all good history, but history nonetheless. And memories. Lot's of them. I want to make even better memories in our new home, that's for sure.

Enough sappiness...signing off.


Daily Tantrum Count: Just 1! (for me anyway, not sure how many for hubby while I was at work)

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