Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Days 73 and 74

What I wouldn't give to take a nice, hot bubble bath right about now...Sam is one lucky duck. I could really use some relaxation like that.

I know I'm behind as usual lately, but not by much at least. My computer has been down and out since Monday morning when Hubby decided to move it from the basement to our bedroom.

Anyway, I am totally psyched that the first day of school is just days away. ( 5 more days of vacation, if you're counting, because I am totally not) After an 'incident' involving Josh, a bubble necklace and Eli's eye, Eli gets to go to school sporting this:

Lucky for him, he's already made up a fantabulous story about how it happened so as not to let on that he got nailed by his little brother. (and never mind the blueberry in his teeth. I told you he hates to brush)

Gracie is sporting a black eye herself today. Josh (see a pattern here?) slammed the backdoor and the doorknob cracked her in the eye. Oh my oh my....what next? I'm afraid to ask that question too loudly. Most of the time around these parts, bad things happen in 3's. (or in 5's if you remember anything about our summer...Sam's eye poke, Eli's leg needing 10 stitches, Josh's head lac, Gracie's hospitalization and lastly, Sam's fractured wrist)

I have a screaming/whining child in my lap right now, and that doesn't make typing any easier, so I think I'll check out and go to bed.



Rebecca (SCVS) said...

OMG Steph! Just set you child outside of the bathroom,pour some bubbles and warm water, set some relaxing music and enjoy a bubble bath... yeah right! That's probably not done in your universe huh? anyways, only a couple more days and you can recover some of your insanity....

PS who knew I would miss your presence here in the office sooo much! see you Friday!

Jen said...

Hey! I think you should do a count down for the last couple days! ANd then Blast off! (to Starbucks to celebrate) Or you could come by my house and laugh! That's the big difference with homeschoolers....we cry on the first day of school and say things like, "Do I really have to go down there?" to our husbands!
Jen C