Monday, August 25, 2008

I Love Mondays

You know why I love Mondays, so I'll just leave it at that. Enough said!

Sunday however, is my traditional grocery shopping day. I look forward to it. I either go by myself or with just Caleb. (he's a fantastic helper!) Well, yesterday I finished up my list, put on my shoes and hollered to Caleb that it was time to head out--then hubby pipes up that he wants to come too. Oh joy. Because you know that with hubby coming along, that means more kids have to come along too. I asked hubby if he was sure he wanted to come. Really sure? He was.

We didn't even make it all the way inside the store before things went bad. At the entrance to the store, there is a "Red Box" movie rental kiosk. We had movies to return from the weekend. Sam just about went ballistic when he couldn't put the movies in the return slot "all by himself". At the same time, Gracie was writhing around on the floor crying about her leg hurting. (she jumped out of the cart) I shot hubby the evil eye and mumbled to him that THIS is why I choose to NOT bring them to the store. I grabbed Caleb and sent hubby and the rest of the kids to the other side of the store to find clothes hangers. Then, I quickly spun my wheels to get the shopping done. Thankfully, the chaos pretty much ended there and the rest of the trip was mostly peaceful.

I think I'll sign off and get some work done while things are calm here. Sam and Gracie are busy watching PBS and munching on roasted edamame...gotta work while I can!

And while I have the energy :)

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