Thursday, August 7, 2008

Day 76: A Taste of Heaven

Does it make me a horrible mom to enjoy having time away from my kids so much? Even just having 2 of them away from home makes a remarkable difference! Eli and Caleb are safely tucked away at the local fire station (wow, that sounds weird, doesn't it?) for the day and let me tell you how much I am enjoying it...A lot. A lot. A lot.

Right now, there is actually silence at my house. Silence. Oh sweet silence. How I love you silence...whatever, just shut me up so I can move on in telling you how much I am basking in this silence. Josh and Gracie are 2 floors below me watching a movie and NOT fighting. Sam is trying to recover from his crankiness by napping in the next room. Even Abby, the dog, is quietly sleeping on the stairs. (yes, she's weird)

I know this bliss will come crashing down at 4:15, but I am SO enjoying it while I can. I just ate a huge plate of organic spring mix salad with avocado and garlic lemon chicken (from the grill last night)...I didn't have to share one bite because my lovely and gracious friend fed my kids lunch at her house earlier. I think I'm a little delirious from it all. I'm not used to this quiet stuff. Makes me look forward to, you know, do I even need to speak it? MONDAY!

I finally went last night (all by myself!) to get school supplies. As I flipped back and forth between the 3 pages of needed supplies, I got a little woozy and felt like I might be in need of a frappucino from Starbucks...but it all ended well, even without my beloved frozen coffee. I wasn't able to get everything though, because the shelves at Target were a little picked thin--so I'll be making another trip to another store to finish up the list. I got out of Target with only spending $102 though. Not too shabby--especially since that included a box of diapers, 4 bags of Quakes, Crystal light, and a t-shirt.

Think I'll sign off for now so I can wash dishes and fold underwear in peace.

Until next time! ( Oh yeah, T-minus three days!)

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Jodie said...

My annoying neighbor girl was supposed to start school yesterday (woohoo!!), and then shows up at 2 ... and then again today (as Charis and I were napping. ring ... ring ... ring ring ring ... she didn't quit for 2 minutes). But I guess she can't go back to school until she gets her shots!!!!!! arrrrrrrrrr