Saturday, May 31, 2008

Day 9

I am pretty sure the ring of dirt in my bathtub is permanent. Out of the 4 bathrooms in our house, for some odd reason, my tub is the tub of choice when it comes to washing away the willies...and the kids always leave a gritty mess in the bottom. And now that summer is here, the itty bitty toes are especially dirty. Couple the dirt with the remains of slathered on sunscreen and you've got one hell of a mess.

I am really hoping Sam doesn't come down with a nasty case of salmonella in the next day or so--he helped me whip a dozen eggs this morning for breakfast and before I could stop him, he lifted the whip to his mouth and took a great big lick. Ewww. I'm kidding about the salmonella thing as he's ingested so much raw cookie dough in his day that I'm sure he's immune to it! (as is his mom!:)

I think I'll call it a night and head upstairs for dinner...the troops are getting restless because they are starving, of course. The plan is to watch 'Untraceable' after the little ones are sound asleep, but then again, I was invited to a birthday bash with some girlfriends tonight--and it's at a bar, so maybe I'll head there instead!


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