Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Day 5...Really?

It seems like the kids have been home for more like FIFTY days...not just five! I can't imagine how long it'll feel when they've actually been home for fifty days. Repeat after me: I love my kids. I love being a mom. I love my kids. I love being a mom. I love summer vacation, uh, wait, that's taking it a little too far :)
I do love my kids though--and I do love being a mom.

I worked today, so I got to have an 'escape' for a while. Things were pretty calm when I got home as well. Sam was sleeping, Gracie was at the neighbors house, Eli was up the street at a friends--but, never fear, Caleb and Josh were here, noisy enough to make up for the absence of the rest of the kids. It was happy, joyful, getting along noise though, so I can't complain. It's almost nice to not have so many things to do and places to be. Sometimes doing nothing and moving at a snail's pace is actually a good thing!

Hubby was off to work within minutes of my return from work, so not much said there. We are hanging tough and muddling through this mess of our lives and marriage. I have to make an effort to choose my words to hubby more carefully, but I know that effort will pay off HUGE in the long run. It really shouldn't be hard to say nice,respectful things to one another, should it? No, it shouldn't...and fortunately, it's getting easier as the days go by.

Signing off to finish up the dishes and laundry--and hopefully kick back and watch a movie called 'Bella'.

Tune in tomorrow, for more of these are the Days Of Our Lives :)

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