Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Day 6: Unoriginal, I Know

I know I said a few days back that I wouldn't number all of my posts this summer, but I think I'll take that back. Besides, it wouldn't be a countdown without numbers, now would it?

Today was a looooonnnng day. I think all of the fog and drizzle we woke up to made it a weird day from the start. Not much of record went on though, unless you count Abbey (the dog) running away at least 4 times. I swear that dog drinks rocket fuel, because she is super hard to catch when she's gone off on a 'run'. I don't know what she finds so appealing about galavanting around the neighborhood--at first, I thought maybe she had a love interest, but seeing as she darts in a different direction each time, I doubt it. Oh well, at least the kids got a ton of exercise chasing after her today.

Sam colored all over the wall and himself this afternoon. I was quite shocked to see him sporting hot pink and purple stripes and swirls all over his face. Hmmm, come to think of it, maybe Gracie did the coloring? Couple that with the green clay they smeared onto the wall, and I suppose I'll have to make a day of it to get the cleaning done. Magic erasers are the best invention. Ever.

Signing off to get back to life...

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mums_hugs said...

Next time the onsite art work happens you could try removing it with straight dishwashing liquid on a rag, rub on to the 'art' and come back later with a damp cloth to rinse. It is alot cheaper than magic erasers (although I do admit to having some and thinking they are awesome).