Sunday, May 25, 2008

Day 3,403--I mean, Day 3

It's Sunday. Again. We all know how pleasant Sundays are around here. It started off as usual, bright and early, with me anyway. Hubby got to lounge in bed much longer than the rest of us, of course. I dealt with making breakfast, changing diapers, breaking up fights and cleaning it all up--by myself. Oh joy of joys.

Darn it. There I go again, complaining. I guess just nevermind the sarcasm in the paragraph above. It's just my frayed nerves talking. Sorry Hubby, I do love you, but you are driving me crazy.

Anyway, hubby was in one of his 'moods', right off the bat, so I packed up the kids and went to the park. It was all well and good until 10 minutes into spinning on the merry-go-round Josh announces that he has to go to the bathroom. I quickly scanned the park for a Porta-John or even a tree...none. So, off we went. I was feeling sort of adventurous, and quite honestly not wanting to go home to face He-Man, so I made the decision to stop off at Taco Bell for a bite to eat and for the use of their 'facilities'. Amazingly, the kids were actually very well behaved except when Gracie and Josh were doing flips on the handrails by the cashier.
Even Sam sat, in his own little way, and ate his cheese roll-up in peace.

Since lunch went so well, I decided to take the kids to the movies. I KNOW! You must be thinking the worst of me...seeing as I've gone crazy and all. I did think ahead and made the decison to take Sam home to nap with Hubby and not take him though. I'm not that crazy. The rest of us went to the local $1.50 theater and saw 'College Road Trip'. It was quite funny, although I could not get Josh to sit still in his seat. He would not stop tapping his feet on the ground and kicking the (empty) seat in front of him. I also could not get Gracie to stop stealing candy from her brothers and then whining about it when the protested. BUT, the experience wasn't half bad, especially when you compare it to other outings we have had.

Hubby is still a grouch, even though he won't admit it, so I am hiding out in the basement for now.

I suppose I'd better get something going for dinner, or more complaints will be voiced here shortly...

Keep praying for me and my sanity! How many days left until August 11th?

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