Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tantrum Tuesday

I think that it could be lucrative to create some kind of restraint device for 3 year olds that could hold them down in the midst of a tantrum. In regards to my particular 3 year old, a mouth guard to prevent self-biting would be a good idea as well. Heck, with all of the tantrums that go on in my house, it'd be great to have that restraint in a variety of sizes, so I didn't have to try and squeeze my 11 year old into a toddler sized one. (and here's a picture of The Queen Of Quite A Lot)

Seriously, little G threw a mega-sized tantrum this morning. Apparently, she doesn't understand why the neighbor girl doesn't get out of bed before 10am so they can play together. (quite frankly, neither do I!) She wasn't quite content to lounge on the couch and watch Sesame Street, she'd rather go and sit on the neighbor's porch and wait for the little girl to wake up. Uh, no. So, now I am nursing a headache and my ears are ringing from the very high pitched screams that emanated out of G so very early today. Sadly, I am in for more protests from her, as she's come down with a virus, so she won't be going out to play anyway!

R is still on the job hunt. It's not going very quickly though as he really doesn't have a lot of time to search and apply. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. We won't really end up in bankruptcy and foreclosure, will we?

E has another soccer practice today. I'm sure it's quite amusing for all of the other parents on the field to watch me chase around my kids hollering incessantly for them to stay away from the parking lot and to stop climbing every available tree, instead of just being able to watch their own kid chase the soccer ball. It's okay though, I am used to being a spectacle of sorts these days. Seems anywhere I go with all the kids, I get the look and stares from all of the 'perfect' families. Maybe they're not perfect so much. Maybe they just have it all together more than I do.

If anyone knows how to get me on Super Nanny, let me know.