Saturday, August 25, 2007

Need Shut-Eye. Now.

Since I am the only mom on the planet that has to work night shifts, I am exercising my right to complain about how tired I am. Yes, I know that I am not really the only mom on the planet that has to work nights, but I am the only mom on the planet that has to work nights and has kids like mine. I guess that sounds more fair, huh? (although totally inaccurate as well I concur). I've always half-joked (kind of) that if my third born had been my first, that we would not have had the 4 others... That being said, J is SUCH a terrific kid full of that terrific kid energy. I would have to consume 77 Pikes Peak sized Diet Cokes and a bottle of speed before I had 1/2 the energy that this kid has! Think Tasmanian devil gone wild, and you get a glimpse of my terrific kid. When he's not swinging from the ceiling fan or scaling any tree he can find, J can be found dancing on the kitchen table or hiding in the clothes dryer. (hiding because he knows about something destructive that he has done and I have yet to find out about) Someday, I will look back on it all and be able to laugh so hard that I will lose control of my bladder. Someday.

I had all of my little cherubs at the doctors office the other day because one of them had an appointment. Knowing that the doctor has yet to have any children, I am not sure he will ever have any after the spectacle that mine put on in his office. I think if he had any desire at all, my kids probably cured him of that! I did piece back together the waiting room the best I could, so hopefully we'll be allowed back in for the follow-up appointment next week. I may dress the kids in drag and wear a wig myself, so maybe the doctor and staff won't remember us!

I am trying to think of things to keep the kids busy today, so that maybe they won't notice when I nod off. They seem to be content for the moment watching 'Astronaut Farmer' and telling each other to shut up. I think maybe I'll record some of my 'Mom Sayings' on R's voice recorder, so that when they are talking to me and asking for stuff, I can just press a button and have the appropriate response at the ready and I won't have to actually talk.

Yeah, as if.

So, I made the mistake of taking the kids out into public again this afternoon. That was a bad idea that only got worse. And the scary part is, we didn't even get out of the car! All of the mayhem took place in the confines of the Montero. Let's just say it wasn't pretty, and a certain somebody ended up getting a root beer float thrown in his face by a certain angry mom. In that certain moms defense, the kid deserved it. Badly. So much for wanting to be 'nice mom' and do something fun with them. I hate that attitude always ends up getting thrown around and then everyone gets so angry that it's a scream-fest. At least the kid who got 'offended' upon can see the bright side in the fact that he can spike his hair up with the stickiness and it stays even better than when he uses hairspray, and he likes that his shirt now tastes like root beer :)

Onto a different subject...R has finally actually spoken to the counselor I made mention of in a previous post. He has an appointment this Thursday! Yahoo! Weird thing is though, this is the very same counselor my Mom had when she and my Dad were going through their rough waters and ultimate divorce. Small world, huh?

I'm going to sign off for now...I've got to clean root beer and ice cream off the windows and seats before I make the trek to work again.