Monday, August 20, 2007


Sounds like the place to Margaritaville that is! R took us all out to the Olive Garden last night for dinner and I had not only wine, but a strawberry-mango margarita as well. Yup, it was a splurge, and it was only done because R had been given a large gift certificate that was supposed to be used to take his family out to dinner. I really enjoyed that margarita and let's just say that it made for a more pleasant dining experience with the kids. (if anyone has ever dined out with 5 children, you know what I mean)

I had to take S into the pediatrician today. What started out as an innocent looking blister on the inside of his nose on Friday, has turned into something usual! The poor little guy has a staph infection (impetigo) and the blistering has spread and burst, leaving most of his little button nose(between his nostrils) covered in a honey-colored crust that keeps peeling and bleeding. So, a course of oral and topical antibiotics was prescribed and a popsicle was given. The sweet little bub looks like he took a nose dive on the pavement!

I'll be taking C into the eye doctor today as well. He has been feeling an overwhelming urge to very heavily blink his left eye over the past couple of months. He's also mentioned that he feels some sort of pressure in his eye. I am thinking that it is just part of his tic disorder, but C himself asked me to take him to the doctor, so I know that it is truly bothering him.

Nothing much else to say today...I am still trying to recover my brain function from all of the wild activity this weekend (ie; working 25 overnight hours in 2 days, NOT the margarita!) so I think I'll sign off now and finish up some other mindless tasks that are awaiting my attention.

Until next time...

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