Monday, August 6, 2007

And So, It Begins Again

After a blissful 7 hours of not having to deal with fighting and squabbling because it was the first day of school, it begins again. They had to come home sometime :) It actually began on the ride home, of course.

It's 7:20pm now and bedtime is crawling closer and closer. R is still not home and I am beginning to feel the effects of being a Mom!! My impatience is showing...

It was really nice to have the kids back in school today. I found myself looking around the house for G because it was so quiet! I actually forgot a time or two that I dropped her off at school too! I find it hard to believe that my little girl is old enough for preschool. Her teacher told me that she had a great day--even though she did get a little bit of the 'giggles'.

I wish that I had accomplished more over the summer with the kids...wishing I had had more fun with them, rather than just sending them out to play. Wishing I had yelled less and loved more. I am glad that the summer has ended, but as usual, it didn't go as I had hoped.

On a more positive note, R has finally made some sales! He sold 2 cars in 2 days. Yippee! I think that it has given him the confidence boost that he needed...he was getting very down from not having even one sale in his first month. He told me last night that one of the other dealers told him that they had placed bets on him that he would quit within 2 months and that they really thought he'd give up.(and still do!) So much for having the support of your co-workers, huh? I guess in the land of car sales, it's every man for himself. Deep down, I know that R will make it...and be successful. It's the worry-wart side in me that has the doubts. He's always provided for us, and we have never gone without what we need, so why do I worry? R took this job in the hopes that I would eventually be able to quit my night job and be a full time stay-at-home mom again. I do respect him for that, and if he can't have the support of even his co-workers, he needs the support from his wife, right?

Signing off....the battles have begun in earnest again, and I've got lunches to pack and teeth to brush!

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