Monday, September 29, 2008

In An Instant

Life as one knows it can change in the blink of an eye. I've witnessed it before in the death of my brother. I've witnessed it in the near death of my newborn son. These snippets of tragedy seem to fray the fibers of what makes us whole.

Today, I visited my boss in the Critical Care Unit. Yes, he is a doctor, but this time, he's the patient not the healer. This dear, sweet man's life was changed yesterday when he was involved in a tragic motorcycle accident. He was thrown from his motorcycle when somehow he lost control of it. He wasn't wearing a helmet. His face and head took the brunt of the impact. Seeing him today lying in a hospital bed was very surreal. He's the one that heals people with his superb surgical skills. He's the one that brings comfort to the sickest of patients. Now, he's the one that needs healing. Please pray for him...for his wife and 4 children...for his healing and recovery. His name is Bruce, and he is very special to so many people. Things look dismal now, but I know that God can heal and bring wholeness to him again. I know that. And I have hope that he will.

On a different note, my weekend away was great. It was so much fun to hang out with my girlfriends without any children needing anything. It was awesome to have 3 meals a day prepared, served and cleaned up without my having to lift a finger. I didn't really walk away with having had any 'spiritual revelations', but I did walk away refreshed for sure.

I'm having my level II ultrasound at 12:30 tomorrow afternoon. I am nervous and excited all the same. My mom is coming along for moral support. Thanks mom!

I am swamped with laundry to put away and a mountain of Legos on the floor...gotta run!

I'll update tomorrow.

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Kelby said...

So ... how'd the ultrasound go? I've been praying for your boss.