Sunday, September 7, 2008

Green Haze

I'm on a ginger ale kick. It's not working. I am still green around the gills. I'm supposed to be eating a mere 9 times a day to keep my insulin levels stable, but it's hard for me to just eek down 3 squares. I was hoping that the slightly annoying nausea I had just a week ago would be it. Nope. It's getting worse each day. I think I'll put a call into my OB to beg see if she can give me something medicinal. I've tried the non-medicinal route and it's not cutting it. I have to function better than this. I won't go into any of the gory details, just believe me when I say it ain't pretty.

I think the stress of getting ready to move has compounded the ickiness some as well. We've made a huge dent in moving stuff to the new house though. A loaner truck, hubby, a few of the kids and I...we make a good team. (sometimes)

I know that I'm a fluffy girl and all, but I am really surprised at how my belly runneth over. I feel like a stuffed sausage in pants. I've been eyeing my maternity jeans, but they are ridiculously huge. Instead, I've just been wearing my most forgiving clothes or sucking it in. Funny, I've lost almost 3 pounds in this last week, but I sure don't feel like it!

I'll probably not be around much this week...busy times here. Busy times. I will try to update after my ultrasound on Tuesday though!

Until next time!

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mums_hugs said...

Hey there, I hope everything is ok and your move went smoothly.