Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Flicker, Flicker, Flicker

Just a quick update...I had an impromptu ultrasound at work this morning. (I work for a doctor,remember?) Guess what? There's a baby! With a heartbeat flickering away! It was amazing to see the miracle of life--even so early in this pregnancy. The wonderful, sweet gal doing the ultrasound did kinda freak me out when she said she saw two sacs though. However, after more poking around, she's fairly confident that it's just one baby in there. I had a few hundred palpitations on the scan table, for sure.

As tired as I am, I walked on air all day long.

Same time next week, I'll get another scan. Cool perk of working where I do :)

Also some other news...since I had to go off of my Metformin (I'm a 'pre-diabetic') I have to start checking my blood sugars several times a day and really cracking down on my diet. The doctor wants me to eat nine times a day (what pregnant woman wouldn't enjoy that??) but concentrating on complex carbs (whole grain stuff) and lots of protein to keep my blood sugars close to normal and to hopefully avoid going on insulin.

That's it for the daily report. I have to hit the hay now. I've got a very busy rest of the week ahead.

Until next time!

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