Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Time Keeps On Tickin'...

Time is ticking slower and s.l.o.w.e.r. Having 5 kids home on break combined with being hugely pregnant is not a pretty combination. Yes, I know I chose this path in life--to become a mom of many. I'm just trying to be honest. It's not easy. And like I said, it's not always pretty either.

I have had the nesting bug something fierce these past couple of days, but it has not amounted to much in the way of actual nesting because I am so darn tired. That, and the fact that everything I do is quickly undone by one kid or another. This morning, I walked into a cloud of baby powder that *someone* had sprinkled all over the baby's room. When the cloud cleared and I could see, I found tiny little diapers strewn across the room, baby washclothes unfolded and feathers from a blue boa all over the floor. All I could do was turn around and leave. *Somebody* else will deal with it later. (and I'm sure the *somebody* will be me)

Since both Eli and Gracie have friends over today, I am trying to hold myself together so as not to embarrass them. Or freak their friends out. I wouldn't want it spread around that I am a lunatic or anything.

Still no news on the labs for HELLP I had done yesterday, so I am still assuming all is well. This baby will come when she's supposed to. Guaranteed. In the meantime it's all I can do to stay sane :)

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