Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Yup, you guessed it...another totally whiny post. Can I just screeeeeeeeeam?

I had my 37 week OB visit today. Thankfully, baby passed the non-stress test within a half hour. But, in addition to being told 'see you next week!', I had to have the Group B Strep test redone. You know, the one where the very long swab goes ummm, well, where the sun doesn't shine. For some reason the lab messed up so I got the privilege of being tested again. After gathering my nearly tearful self together after the pelvic exam, I asked if there were anything I could do to 'speed' things along. The doctors face lit up and she said "Yes, get yourself some Evening Primrose Oil". After some explanation as to what it was for and how to use it (don't worry, I will spare you my dear readers, the details) I ran out of the office and went right to Whole Foods to buy the stuff.

Maybe next week there will be more encouraging news...?

I know I shouldn't put much stock into being or not being dilated or effaced--I have gone into inductions either being dilated to a 'fingertip' or even not at all and I progressed at lightening speed. But, sheesh, it would be nice to think I am getting somewhere...

Again, sorry for the whining. Believe it or not, I am thankful that all is well--I know that the baby will come when she's ready, regardless of what I have to say about it!

With that, I am taking my puffy feet and droopy eyes to bed.


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