Friday, April 3, 2009

Basically, I am ready to crawl out of my own skin. I had a rough night. Not much sleep was had. Not because of anyone else...just because of my huge and uncomfortable pregnant body. My hips have been killing me with shooting pain every time I lay down and not one position makes it better. I mean, I no longer have much variety in the position I can sleep in. I've tried laying on my back, but then the tingling in my hands gets worse and I can't breathe. And as everyone in the house is keenly aware of, a rough night for mom makes for a rough DAY for all. (sorry guys!)

Yes, I know my blog has become my daily complain-a-thon...I know. I just can't help it. If I complained 'out loud' to my friends everyday, I wouldn't have any friends!

I am restless. Moody. Antsy. Tired. Moody. (oh yeah, I already said that)

I am SO thankful that it's Friday and Spring Break is nearing an end. SOOOOO thankful. I know that heading back to school means getting everyone up early, packing lunches, pestering everyone to finish getting ready to fly out the door, homework and earlier bedtimes, but HELLO I get to have 7.5 hours with just ONE kid! A good chunk of the day where I don't have to deal with a sassy kindergartner, a highly energized 8 year old and two defiant preteens. The three year old I can handle, most days. Heck, hugs, milk and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse make HIM happy.

Forging on...the day is still young!

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