Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's Official!

Finally...finally it's here! I am 'officially' considered full term! Granted, I know I *could* still be pregnant for a couple more weeks, but, knowing that I *could* go into labor anytime is still exciting. I'll be holding a sweet, new bundle of pink soon :)

I've been having a TON of contractions--some pretty brutal. I know it's just my body warming up for the real deal, but maybe it's doing *something* to get the process going. I can hope!

Yesterday, Sam took it upon himself to feed the dog. I had just bought a new bag of dog food and poured it into a container that is easy for him to dip a cup into--you know, because he loves to 'help'. While I spent a whole 5 minutes in the laundry room folding a load of clothes, Sam took the entire container of dog food and dumped it in the living room--all four POUNDS of it. (what? It's a small dog--4 pounds lasts her a month) Well, since Sam likes to do things completely, he not only dumped the food, he also spread it around the entire living room. Believe me, it wasn't easy nor pretty I'm sure, to get on my hands and knees to scoop up dog food. And to top it off, after we'd (mostly me) cleaned up the mess, I went upstairs to put away the clothes I had folded and I found another few cups of dog food bits dumped on the floor in my room. I held in the urge to scream at Sam, but instead, I quietly cleaned it up alone...freaking out on him just wasn't worth the fit nor the guilt that would have ensued had I done so.

And, just in case you thought I was kidding about the dog food--here's proof!

Well, I'm calling it a night(hopefully). I am tired after cleaning up the bathroom after Tsunami Sam hit earlier this evening. This kid is on a roll I tell ya! And I'm even more tired from yelling "Stop it!" or "Don't hit!" or "Leave him/her ALONE"....oy!

I think I am going a teeny bit cuh-raaazy!

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