Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What Luck

Although I'm sure luck has nothing to do with it, the events of today have been interesting for sure.

Eli had an appointment with the orthopedist this morning since his wrist was still hurting from falling off a trampoline at a birthday party on the very first day of spring break. Much to my surprise, the doctor, as cranky and ill-bedside mannered as he was, brought to us a diagnosis of a 'Distal Radial Fracture'--right through the growth plate. And to think, I thought he was faking it. I had to apologize to him as the tech casted his arm in bright green fiberglass. What? The kid has been known to be a bit dramatic at times...

I also had an OB appointment today. Non-stress test first, as usual. This time though, unlike the last 5 weeks, the baby had a reactive test in less than 20 minutes. (which is a GOOD thing) So, then off to a room to see the doctor. On the way into the room, the nurse glanced at my chart and said that I needed to have my Group B Strep test. I was given the orders to undress from the waist down, handed a paper drape and told that doctor would be in shortly. Believe me, the Group B Strep test has nothing to do with having a throat culture. It involves a much larger then throat culture size swab which is put into two very private places. Thankfully, it only has to be done once.

I mentioned to the OB that I have been having pain under my ribs on the right side for the last week. She almost grimaced as she palpated my belly. Yes, the baby's butt is up in my ribs, but my liver is also there and felt a bit swollen. So, I was sent off to the lab to have blood tests done for something called HELLP Syndrome. It's a varient of pre-eclampisa and it is not a good thing to have. The only cure is delivery of the baby. I had my labs drawn at around noon and it's now 8pm with no word from the doctor, so I am assuming no news is good news...

It's been a long day...I'm tired and cranky. Signing off to hopefully curl up on my bed for a little R & R.


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