Monday, October 20, 2008

Who Me?

I've decided to jump on the 'Not Me Monday' bandwagon. A fabulous blogger over at has shared her idea and asked her readers to join in too.

Jumpin' in!

Oh, but where, oh where, do I begin? There are SO many things that I have NOT done. For example, I did not let my 12 year old have a cookie for breakfast this morning because he lost all self control over the --gasp--store brand waffles that were on the table. I also did not let him have a cup of coffee on the way to school.

Speaking of school, I did NOT utter out loud THANK YOU GOD(!) when I pulled away after dropping all the boys off at school. They have NOT been out of school the last two weeks on Fall Break.

Yesterday, I did not lay down on Gracie's bed for a long time while the littles played around me. I did not fall asleep either. I was not tired after not throwing up in the kitchen sink and not scaring all the kids in the room.

I most certainly did not stress out for nearly 15 minutes while trying to find the baby's heartbeat on my doppler. I also did not lock my bedroom and bathroom doors to prevent any little people from barging in while I soaked in my tub. Oh, and I did not eat miniature chocolate bars while in the tub either. Nope, no way!

Okay, enough Not Me's for today.

I'm not tired. (okay, one more!)

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