Sunday, October 5, 2008

Such a Sore Spot

My princess is still under the weather. It's strange, as her fever comes and goes. She feels fine one moment, and is shaking with the chills the next. She's not eating much because she's complaining that it 'hurts to eat'. I pried open her mouth and found that it's covered in sores...under her tongue and on her bottom inner lip. Weird. My first thought was the dreaded 'Hand Foot and Mouth' disease (which funny enough, none of my kids has ever had, I've only read about) but she doesn't have any blisters or sores on her hands or feet, just in her mouth.

I think a trip to the pediatrician is in order for tomorrow if she's still punky.

Thankfully, my boss is still holding his own. He is getting 'sedation vacations' more frequently and he is responsive to those around him while he's awake. He is still breathing with the help of a ventilator because the swelling is still so much that it's too difficult for him to breathe on his own. He is however, improving day by day. His wife said "It's a marathon, not a sprint" in terms of his recovery. Thank you for praying for him and his family.

Hubby, Caleb and Josh are down at the 'old' house today taking apart the trampoline so they can bring it to the 'new' house finally. I keep trying to get the kids to go and play outside in our 1/2 acre backyard, but they are waiting for their beloved trampoline. Go figure.

Not much else noteworthy today...signing off to make my grocery list for the week.



Anonymous said...

Oh, I hope gracie feels better...

Anonymous said...

Oh, I hope gracie feels better... Rebecca