Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday Montage

Yes, I know that I haven't blogged since last Monday. And yes, I know that I said last Monday that I would be doing 'Not Me' Mondays. Well, this week I'm not. Deal with it. Blame it on the hormones. Or not.

Instead, since I finally unearthed my computer/photo card reader, I thought I'd innundate this blog with pictures. Some are waaaay dated--just a fair warning.

Moving Day

Josh hangin' out. Where else would he be?

The New House (and cute little Sam)

Our Cello Player

Sam's First Haircut

A bit traumatized, you think?

Yup, I think so!

Feeling a little better about things...and looking SO handsome!

A Little Silliness From Gracie

How'd she DO that, anyway?

Little Bug-Eyed Cuteness

Happy 8th Birthday Josh!

What a Look!

Ummm, There Are No Words for This One

Poor, poor Abbey...

Okay, a little blogging out of my system and a few pictures off of my memory card.

I'm turning in...the pregnancy stuff is tiring!


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