Monday, July 23, 2007

The Countdown Has Begun!

TWO MORE WEEKS! Did you hear that?? I said TWO MORE WEEKS! All of this excitement comes from the mere fact that school starts again in two weeks (from today!!!). I am almost giddy just thinking about it :)

Now don't get me wrong, I love my children dearly, but one can only take so much bickering, teasing and downright fighting. ( 9 weeks is all I can handle and not very well at that) I have 2 at day camp all this week, so that helps, but then again, 2 others are upstairs at this very moment trying to dismember each other and screaming like loony banshees...

I am actually looking forward to going shopping for school supplies/shoes/clothes--even though I know I will have to fork over hundreds to Super Target and to the school itself! Even the thought of packing 3 school lunches every day is sounding quite divine. At least I won't have to hear the grumblings of my little cherubs complaining about the 'healthy' food in their brand-spanking-new Bento boxes ( and all of their friends are eating Tasty Cakes and Cheetos) because they will be at SCHOOL!

When I home-schooled the kids, a 'public school' friend of mine would always ask how I could stand having the kids home all day, and not getting even a breather....she once or twice (or three times) said "Once you get a taste of the freedom of having your kids in school, you'll NEVER go back"! I always thought she was wrong ( and told her so ), but now, after having the kids in school, I swear, I can almost hear the voices of angels singing in my head when I pull away from dropping them off....of course, I can't hear the singing very clearly, because my younger two not in school children begin their fussing and whining right about then! But still, I know I have a day a little less busy and a tad less stressful because the wonderful and talented teachers at our little school out on the prairie, have my children for the majority of the day :) (May God bless those precious souls!)

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