Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This is What FIVE Looks Like!

Let me just say that I cannot BELIEVE that my little girl is 5 years old. Today!

I remember so vividly the day that I found out that finally, after 3 boys, we had a little girl on the way. I was ecstatic, although still in disbelief.

I love having a princess. LOVE it!

Happy 5th birthday to my sweet little girl...Mama loves you dearly :)

Update on Eli:
I spoke with him last night. He sounded just terrible. Awful. He could hardly speak as he was bravely holding back tears. I was ready to jump into the van to go and get heart just broke hearing my son so upset, so desperate to come home.

I also spoke at length with the staff psychiatrist and he is still devising a plan for Eli's treatment. (to medicate or not, that is the question)

The plan tomorrow is to go up to the treatment center for a family meeting. (Just hubby, Eli and I--with the therapist, of course)

I can't stand the thought of leaving him there just one more day, much less countless days.

I love you Eli...tons and bunches. Forever and always. No matter what.


Jeff said...


You and Roy are doing the RIGHT THING for Eli... I know it's hard, but try to look 10 years down the road. He will thank you guys for helping him if it all works out. He'll love you more for caring about making him healthy more than happy for a time. You are a GREAT mom.

Speaking of which, your "little girl" is the spitting image of her mommy. Even Rachel says so!! Happy, happy birthday!!

mums_hugs said...

A hug for you dear lady. I am sure Eli knows how very much you love him.