Saturday, November 1, 2008

Bubbles, Bubbles...Everywhere!

You can't see it, but there are even bubbles on the wall...

And what I wouldn't give to have a soak in that tub tonight!

I know I am a week behind in blogging again. Bear with me...I'm struggling with balancing all of the hats I wear as a Mom, wife and employee these days. Plus, I've been totally sick and had to spend a day in the hospital strapped to an IV. Home health care is on the horizon if I can't keep up with my fluids. I'm working on it valiantly!

While I was hospitalized, I got the privilege of having a full blown ultrasound. What an amazing sight to see my little one kicking around and waving tiny fists. AND, 'unofficially' I was told that the baby has "nothing between the legs". (aka-GIRL!) We'll see about that though. After having had 4 boys and just one girl, my skepticism is heavy on that one :)

A huge decision was made today and without saying too much, I am weighed down with guilt and at the same time filled with relief. I'll explain more later...

Gotta run---seems bath time has turned to battle.

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