Monday, September 3, 2007

Of Mountains And Molehills

I don't know about all kids, but mine for sure make mountains out of molehills. My children for some reason resort to screaming like they are having their fingers twisted off for even the most minor of infractions. Sad but true, I find myself doing the same thing...not screaming wildly, but sending down harsh consequences for things that are pretty trivial. For instance, G peed her pants (again. it's a 2-3 times daily occurrence) and I grounded her for the rest of her life from playing with the neighbor girl. You'd have thought that by hearing her blood-curdling screams that I had done much worse. And when she (or the boys) scream, I get mad. When I get mad, I yell. When I yell, they scream. It's a viscous cycle!

I finally got my van back today. R loaned it to a guy he works with as his van broke down. Boy, am I ever glad to see our beat up old van again. I've been shoving 5 kids into an even more beat up Montero for 2 weeks! We must look like the circus has come to town when everyone piles out...out comes 1, 2 and more, oh and wait, yet another! Really, I'll miss hearing the piercing screams of the child whose abdomen gets used as leverage for another child's foot as they attempt to climb into the 3rd row. Really.

I'm going to cut it short tonight...I am tired and I need to make some lemon pudding to devour before I start my diet (again) tomorrow.