Sunday, January 6, 2008


Today my baby turned 2. Today is also the 4th anniversary of the day my brother Paul, died.

I still mourn the loss of Paul, but the wonderful thing is, I can still celebrate life! Life goes on even when things are horrible, terrible and rotten. I'll never quite understand why my brother's life ended so soon, nor why things worked out the way they did and Sam was born on that day, but there is always a plan, a reason. Our lives are orchestrated by one that is mighty and powerful.

So, to my sweet, precious, darling little boy...Happy 2nd Birthday! Sam's birth was a joyous moment that quickly turned to terror when it was determined that he was so ill. He was strangled by his umbilical cord, the very thing that provided him a lifeline while in the womb, was unfortunately the thing that nearly took his life as well. Praise GOD that my sweet one survived his rocky start. I am forever grateful to the wonderful doctors and nurses that kept watch over my son as he was struggling on life support, a ventilator breathing for him. He was kept in an medically induced comatose state for nearly a week...and I didn't even get to hold him until he was 4 days old. Looking back on it now, it takes my breath away...

Happy birthday to my happy boy. I love you, Sam!