Sunday, May 3, 2009


Faith Journey Newcomb
Born: Thursday April 16, 2009
Time: 10:15pm
Weight: 6lbs 7 oz
Length: 19"

During my 38 week OB visit, my blood pressure had shot up to 170/100 so I was sent directly to the Birth Center to have labor induced. 2 doses of Cytotec and 30 minutes of Pitocin later, I went from 3 cms dilated to Faith's birth in less than 10 minutes! One big push and out she came with her elbow next to her head. (ouch!)

Definitely my easiest labor and delivery. And yes, my last labor and delivery too.

Faith is a beautiful baby girl. She also happens to have Down Syndrome. A big surprise, but even at just a mere 2 weeks old, she is already the light of our lives.

I have been wanting to blog before now, but I suppose I just wasn't ready. My emotions run high and my energy runs low as I am on a very hectic schedule of pumping milk every two hours for Faith as she is unable to nurse just yet. She has what's called Hypotonia (low muscle tone)due to her DS (Down Syndrome). I, along with her team of doctors and specialists, are hopeful that she will be able to nurse in the upcoming months as she grows stronger and isn't so sleepy. I cling to that hope each day as my heart just aches to have that relationship with my baby girl.

I will try and post more often, but my free time is sparse these days. Bear with me as we travel down this new and honestly, scary road.

In the mean time, enjoy these pics of my baby girl!

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Sarah said...

She is absolutely beautiful! What a wonderful addition to your family. She is a very blessed little girl. I can't wait to read more about her as she grows up. Congratulations!